Cloud_Your Business

If you are starting out – it pays to research before jumping in with IT expenditure. Don’t buy a server and workstations that will lock you into a perpetual cycle of buying and replacing IT gear. Don’t buy office software licenses off the shelf that will become obsolete. How much good is your Office 2007 license now? It makes more sense to liberate yourself from the hassles of hardware and software and consider doing your business in the cloud. We are so certain of this, we have staked our future on it.

If you already have an office-full of IT equipment – don’t throw it out! Chat to us about re-purposing your aged equipment to work with our cloud platform. We will help you shift your focus from the equipment in your office to the functionality in the cloud and it won’t cost you a fortune.

A part of our pre-qualifying process involves doing a study of your business and software you use to make sure a cloud platform is suitable. We don’t lock in our customers to long contracts; they can leave any time. Our cloud solution and service that supports it has to be good every month, not just the few months leading up to your agreement renewal. We have assumed all the risk, so you have nothing to lose. So please throw away your IT agreements, hosting bills, software bills, support/helpdesk bills and imagine a single invoice, once a month, for everything IT; both on the cloud and off the cloud.

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Think before spending big money... Better yet, don't spend big money... Talk to us about proven cloud solutions.