AV, Onsite_Backup & Security

We use a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool to ensure the AntiVirus you purchased from us stays active and installed on your network. Any machine you buy will automatically install the AntiVirus you have arranged with Progress IT and should you accidentally remove it, it will automatically reinstall! Being in Progress IT care also means that should one of our clients get a virus X, we look for a way to vaccinate the entire fleet and prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Onsite backup vendors are many but whatever the software you have inherited, we can setup automated alerts so that we are on top of them should anything go wrong. Sadly, many IT providers will setup a backup job and test it on that day with no follow up. With Progress IT, we will not only make sure the reports are successful, but if you wish also perform a restore exercise.

Security is a major issue. Identity theft, corporate espionage, and fraud is tough to prevent because one can copy your data/information, without leaving a trace. We address this problem by working through a security checklist and tightening up rules at your endpoints and network perimeter (router). Content and Identity aware routers are one of the few measures that link people/users to the information they are sending/receiving. If you do not keep track of information coming in and out of your network, you are leaving your business exposed.

AntiVirus / Backup / Security is an all-year-round process, not just a once-off expense.