Companies still try to manage large volumes of their emails. Terabytes of data requiring high end hardware, demanding large backup storage, and potential long down time in case of a fault should not be a burden for your business. Allow a third party IT company such as Progress IT with a corporate etiquette to take that risk for you. Through economies of scale we can afford to follow rigid processes and use high end equipment otherwise not within reach of our customers and save you money on costs associated with storage and backups.

Our Cloud Exchange and Cloud Archiving solutions keep up to 10 years of emails in a manageable tiered way so your Outlook runs fast, but you can still access mail as far as you need. With Progress IT, you will get multiple data centres, multiple Tier 1 links to the Internet backbone, and a service oriented team of talented engineers.

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Total cost of ownership of Exchange email in the cloud is lower than on your own infrastructure.