Our Email Marketer software runs on dedicated hardware. It is capable of sending out hundreds of thousands of email newsletters a day.

With Email Marketer you can:

  • Setup sales tracks so the leads are automatically emailed again in the next say 7 days as a follow up;
  • Optimise your email click through rates with split testing and seeing what works better;
  • Automate your list management with triggers - convert contacts to leads once they have clicked on a link in your campaign;
  • Keep your lists clean and up to date as bounced emails are automatically removed (untagged for future sending);
  • See the complete list of the activity of a lead with event logging;
  • Solicit and track feedback with surveys so you can re-iterate your sales process; and lots more!

If you would like a free fully functioning demo of our email marketing service, please drop us an email on

Professional looking newsletters sell better than emails.