Our cloud backup is a managed service designed to keep your critical data offsite. With an industry standard cloud backup software solution your servers and workstations can incrementally backup your data overnight. This data can then be restored via a web console to any server or workstation you control.

For_small business.
Large portion of our clientele are small business operators who have a common drive on the network. Together with their Contact Management / MYOB / Email and My Documents backup, this is their “critical mass” of data – data without which their business would perish. This critical data is identified and a schedule / retention chosen for keeping it offsite. We do the rest. Plans start from $20 / mth.

Big companies have big and complex data. It’s not enough just to backup key databases – in many cases corporates require entire server images kept offsite. We have cloud based repositories for Veeam and ShadowProtect and can keep your critical data safe. You can bundle this with Disaster Recovery and business continuity planning to really drive your uptime guarantee, by being able to turn your server on “in the cloud”.

Disaster-proof your business by keeping your key data in the cloud for less than it would cost to keep it onsite.