Our flagship Complete Care agreement is designed to align our business goals to your own by pre-negotiating a fixed monthly amount to cover your day-to-day IT needs. It’s called managed services, and it penalises your IT company for any issues that may arise with your IT setup, rather than rewarding them by generating more expensive work!

It’s a major shift in business thinking; rather than buying IT time and services, you are buying an outcome: an IT system working as intended. All risk and associated work required to meet that outcome are borne by Progress IT. In Complete Care we usually include things like AntiVirus, Cloud Backup, Onsite Backup, and ongoing monitoring at no extra cost. We provide superior uptime by having servers and infrastructure on standby in case your equipment (which we certified as healthy) needs to be replaced in a rush. And you can stop thinking about how much your IT will cost because all remote support and onsite support is also included. Each client is different so we will tailor your Complete Care agreement to include things important to you.

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As I look back on our milestones for the last year, solving the IT issues by outsourcing our IT department to Progress IT is one of them."

Renuka Dissanaike
Executive Manager Corporate Services
Wanslea Family Services